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COVID-19 Clinic Update

At RMC, the health of our Patients is of the utmost importance and given the current COVID-19 crisis, we have held emergency meetings and will be taking some extreme measures to protect our Patients, staff and families.

We have temporarily suspended services at RMC Prospect and centralised to RMC Sefton Park.

We have temporarily suspended online bookings. Appointment bookings can only be made by phone call on 8269 1900, there will be a screening questionnaire and Patients will be given recommendations.
When arriving at RMC by car please call 8269 1900 to inform us of your attendance or advise the staff member at the main entrance. Please then go back to waiting in your car and you will be contacted to come in when the doctor is ready to see you.

The same will occur for any pathology collection with Australian Clinical Labs.

We strongly recommend that Patients who have “mild illnesses” or whom require routine medical appointments, that they feel can wait, to try and postpone appointments for at least 2 weeks if possible.
You should not delay essential attendances like childhood immunisations, which will lower overall health risk. We are maintaining best practice ‘clean areas’ for these attendances ONLY.


We apologise for any inconvenience or disruptions this may cause but please understand that these difficult decisions have only been made in your best interest.

We want to try and avoid the risky scenario of a room full of Patients and someone possibly having COVID-19.