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WE WILL BE INCREASING FEES – Effective 1 July 2024

Due to the recent change in interpretation of tax legislation by the State Government specifically targeting general practice. Revenue SA has deemed Independent Medical Practitioners working under agreements to be employees. We have been mandated to pay Payroll Tax for our Independent Medical Practitioners who work under independent agreements. Please see ruling PTA041 by Revenue SA.

As a clinic we are unable to absorb this absorbent cost and will be required to pass it on. As a result, our gap fees from 1st July 2024 will now be:

Private Fee – $59.00 gap
After Hours – $74.00 gap
Pension/Concession Fee – $28.00 gap
After Hours – $35.00 gap

Please note: Independent Doctors may have different fees to the partners.
What you can do

  • Please contact your local state member of parliament if you have any issues.
  • Sign the petition below – please see QR code

By signing this petition, you will show your support to a fairer, stronger and more affordable health care system.